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Hey! I'm Erik Lorenz. I'm an Interface Designer born in 1993 and based in Berlin. I gratuated from University with a Bachelor degree in Communication Design. My main focus is UX/UI, but I’m also trained in Visual and Editorial Design. Moreover, I like to create brand identities. Music and concerts are a passion of mine, therefore I have specialised in Concert- & Portrait-Photography. Due to the realisation of numerous projects working as an Interface Designer and freelancer, I have gained valuable experiences, that I would like to share with you.

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band photography

I´m a photographer specialised for concert photos. Music is my passion, so I'm a fan of shooting my favorite artists. I was shooting for "Musikexpress" & "RollingStone" Magazine. I made photos of Red Hot Chili Peppers, Tame Impala, die Antwoord, M.I.A., The Kills  and many others. On the next page you can watch all pictures.

My first job at ressourcenmangel was to help on the redesign of My team and me created new templates for their website. My team and me created various webpages for different foundation projects. For example "Change-Magazine, "SDG-Portal" or "Schlaganfallhilfe".

Bertelsmann Stiftung

Winzerberg App

The Winzerberg App is an Audioguide and Quiz. The App was creating for a charity, whos take care of the old garden of "Friedrich Wilhelm" in potsdam. Students were creating content for the app. I was schooling them to create characters and show them how to create an app. With help of a rasporty pii, we upload the app on a free wifi. Now, visiters can use the app at the garden, to get more details about the history of the garden.


For the band "Portmonee" I created a brand identity. Specially a logo and their corporate design. Next step was to create a Single cover. I also created Shirts and stickers.


For an internship I worked for the german music magazine "Musikexpress". I created content for the print and online team. I designed various CD-Covers and Extra Prints for the magazine. We created a card-game called "Rap-Quartett". For numeorus fotoshootings and interviews I filmed and cut making-of videos. On various concerts I was working as a photographer.


For my bachelor  thesis, I wrote about musicmagazines. For the theory I asked, how they can survive in a print crises. As one result I created the free online sharing/streaming Tool "Yourlect", where users can read different magazines for one price. The online portal was creating with a clickdummy. A personalized magazine can used my traditional users. A extra produced Vinyl could help to sell the product.

Dr. Meister

When I was young, she gaves me a retainer. In 2015 I created a brand for her medical practice. With a friend I built her a website and made photos of her salaried workforce. I also created business cards.

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